Today is the perfect day to celebrate you. As is any other day, but today even more. It’s a perfect day to celebrate you, to remember you and to remind myself that I am your seed. I love you, I miss you, I respect you, I wish I could tell you about today and about the rebel I was this week. I want to hug you and hear you ask for another kiss on the other cheek. I want to see you pouch your lips teasing me when I disagree and I oh so want to hear your voice screaming “lag’é!” to everyone who comes near the young ones in the family. If you’d be here, you would be crying right now. Not because you’re sad, but because you’d be moved to see the love everyone has for you and showed you on what would be your 90th birthday today.

Today I remember and once again highly agree to the words I wrote for you, sadly overdue..

Gladys. Do you know what that means? Literally: Glad IJs. (Slippery Ice) I know, Glad IJs is double, ’cause ijs is already glad. But that is what she was, double glad, Glad IJs. Nobody could stand On her. You can try, but you’ll definitely fall, slip, trip and maybe even break something. You know that frase: “Baha foi mi lomba”? And that song that says “zeta mi lomba”? Well for her that wasn’t necessary, ’cause once again, Glad IJs right. You couldn’t even get on her lomba.

She knew how to press your buttons and make steam come out of your ears. But even more, she knew how to Truely Care. The silly tears she shed when it’s just your birthday or when you go on vacation for just a few days or weeks. The thousand questions she would ask thinking you have some kind of virus when you sneeze or cough just once. And when you slipped a fart and she heard it, then to her you probably haven’t pooped in a week or so and you’ll end up drinking Her movicolon medicine. She Cared. Being a Mother, a Sister, an Aunt, a Dina, a Grandmother, a Great-grandmother and even a Great-great-grandmother, she cared and had strong love for All Her Children.

Gladys Marina Rosario
18-6-1931 ❤ 26-3-2017

4 thoughts on “Gladys Rosario

  1. Palabranan inkreiblemente bunita i bèrdat. Tur na nan lugá i ku ta ponemi kòrda Gei i kasi tend’é bisa e kosnan ku bo a skibi i mir’é sintá, opservando tur kos i tur hende pa despues, na un momentu inesperá é bini ku su remarke ku ta kué bu di sorpresa i lagabu babuká i boka habrí.

    Masha danki, Tashmijn pa a “ilustrá” bo rekuerdonan di Gei pa nos ku bo palabranan. Rekordando un persona i menshonando su nòmber despues ku e no ta mas entre nos, ta ten’é na bida.

    Danki, RAfa

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