Hi y’all!

First of all, I want to do a big shout out to thé Birthday-girl of June: Taaaashmien! Happy birthday darling, may you be overfilled with love, luck and happiness ❤️

It was an amazing surprise of you to text me random, like: what ya doing on Monday? I was like: Uhm, what do you mean, you’re inviting me over for a dinner in Faro? You’re coming over to the Netherlands? Que que?! And yesss, there she was.. Having our favorite and traditional anual dinner at La Cubanita (a cuban -all you can eat- tapas restaurant). And if I say All you can Eat, Tashhh had it all! Hahaha, she was even sparing her portions and had them laying 5 in a row, trying to minimize the que before the next round was entering the table. Anyway, I hope you fully enjoyed it, and I hope to see you ASAP!

Moreover, I would looove to come over to Faro again, but at the moment the ticket prices are ridiculously expensive… As I would like to make the bridge here, to the previous subject: My Passion for Travelling, I will continue to talk right now about my irritations of the expensive tickets, COL.. (Crying out loud)

In my last blog I talked about how badly I wanted to book a ticket, and that my hands were itchy for booking tickets. Well, just so you know already: I didn’t book any ticket (COL!). In the beginning I was waiting for my boyfriend’s planning of work, but since he didn’t received that yet, I waited as well. Besides that, I was also dependent on my future plans of work (the development of receiving new projects/clients), since I was about to receive a project for 36 hours a week. Well, unfortunately that wasn’t going as planned. So, after all: my patience for waiting wasn’t rewarded, so far..

Therefore, I didn’t book any tickets yet, and I have been looking for tickets now. But, as you all know, to book tickets in July or August… that must be insane. This year it is even more expensive than before (probably due to releasing the restrictions of Corona). Because a year ago, you were still able to find two-way tickets for around 50 euros to cities in Europe… But now, you pay at least double the price unfortunately. So I don’t know what to do at the moment. Shall I just wait until summer and keep on checking for cheap tickets or just don’t give a f*ck about the prices and just book one… One thing is almost for sure, I am about to book a ticket within a couple of months, to go to Asia again by the end of the year. Whether it is possible with work or not! Tash and I want to celebrate our anniversary with a trip (within Europe or a bigger trip), this time we decided to plan a trip to Asia. Exactly, to ‘plan’ a trip (the execution of it is always waaay more difficult tho haha!). Anyway, Tash wants to go surfing (of curssss). In 2019 I brought some wooden magnets with me from Bali. They were in the shape of a surfboard and engravements were burned in it. The one I bought for myself said: “At least, I tried”, and the one for Tash said: “next time you’ll learn me -x- Dampoe ” (yep, she told me already: ‘learn you’ should be ‘teach you’, oopsiedaisie). So, I guess that this year it’s that time to teach me how to surf a board Tash! 

Vale, chicos… Just give me some time to make up my mind regarding booking any ticket soon, and I will give an update ASAP! At least, I will be looking for tickets probably by the end of August/beginning of September to book for the end of the year (normally it is also cheaper to book tickets after busy/vacation periods.. just saying!). Lastly, a couple more tips I would like to give to you: always look incognito on Skyscanner.com for tickets, and only look when you really want to book! (the more you search, the more expensive it gets!) More tips next time 🙂

Muchas gracias for listening to all my crappy stories, and hopefully you’re only LOL right now, and not COL haha! Till next time!

So so lobi! – x- Dampoe Daisy

Daisy Parmessar

Youth Carer, “Positive Days”
Instagram: @daisypar
Facebook: Daisy Parmessar
LinkedIn: Daisy Parmessar
Lives in: The Netherlands

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