I finally watched Lord of The Rings. Yes. For the first time ever. And at the end of the third film, The Return of The King, Frodo says the following and of course I reflect.

“Your heart begins to understand, there is no turning back.”

Indeed, at the end of this year, that’s where my heart stands. It’s understanding that there is no turning back. I am ready God. Thank You for preparing me and giving me all I need. I am here, I am well and I am Yours. I am ready for all You have in store for me, for I know You will continue to equip me for every step of our journey.

I’m all in and there is no turning back.

Two songs I’d like to share with you. The first is the most original one I know of the song I Have Decided To Follow Jesus. But the version I have always sung I couldn’t share unless I sing it myself and record it here. But let’s not do that. My known version is the one my pastor and my church in the Netherlands always used to sing with a Caribbean swing and an African beat. Love it. Then the second song I shared is one I ran into while looking for the first one, haha. But because it fits this picture, I wanted to share it too.

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