In the darkness of the night
We see the planets, moon and stars
We see the limits of our sight
And realize how small we are

In the light — during the day
We see the sky, the Sun, it’s rays
And forgetting our place
Fail to consider our ways

So why fear the dark?
Why shy away?
For it seeks but to teach
Us to number our days

So why crave the warmth
And the bright blue skies?
Since it can cause
Such myopic sight

‘Tis best to hold the dark
‘Tis best to seize the day
For God’s made them both
For a time and a place

Here’s an idea that radically changed my life:

It brought about a significant shift in how I perceived reality as it unfolds before me in all it’s beautiful (yet sometimes hideous) colors.

It is a justification of the times in my life I’m generally less eager to welcome, and the justification is this: it’s significantly more beneficial to my personal growth then good/comfortable times are.

If those dreaded times be like fire, my being be the steel. And the active pursuit of molding ones character the hammer that forges that crude lump of steel into a proper blade.

And so, fire becomes opportunity and the pain and frustration small sacrifices in comparison to the glory that is to come.

On the other hand, failure to exploit the heat by intentionally crafting a masterpiece could leave me with but a useless lump of steel. Unfit for attack and defense against life’s constant challenges. And thus failure to ‘forge my being’ can and probably will result in me caving under the heat and solidifying into a visual, emotional and spiritual representation or even manifestation of that very pain I loathe.

All of this to say, the way out is though and the way through always leads upwards.

Much love,

Kemuel Sandries

Writer, artist
Instagram: @kemu_art & @kemu_words
Snapchat: @kemu_001
Lives on: Curaçao

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