This title explains exactly how I am feeling right now, going back 2,5 years in time to post old L.O.G.’s for me to slowly arrive back to my present time, which FYI at the moment that I am writing this is in actual fact at the end of November 2019. I have been running around the bush (hopi birament’i chanchan) to get myself back on the horse. But now I am back on it, and with full horsepower (my car or engine talk game is not so strong).

Well at the moment I am back in Portugal, in Faro, for a period in my life which only God knows how long that will be. I am officially registered at the municipality of Faro and I am waiting for some answers of the ‘Ordem dos Enfermeiros’ about my registration as a Midwife and a Nurse. After those answers I can continue on the preparations for working here. So practically, I am patiently waiting, trusting God and going with His flow.

These upcoming weeks I will be focusing on getting the blog back to present day. But first a tiny up-date about what happened in the past 2,5 years. Well I successfully finished my internship in Faro in June 2017, graduated as a midwife in that summer and went to Bonaire and Curaçao. When I came back I finished my last year of nursing, graduated in the summer of 2018 and had my family from Bonaire coming to visit me. My mother, stepfather and sister joined me, my father, family and friends for my 25th birthday-graduation-celebration-farewell-party. My mother organized it actually, and decorated it as always: beautifully. That summer was awesome and so FULL! We went to Disney again, Germany, Belgium, and when The Gang of Three returned to Bonaire I went to Los Angeles to be with my best buddy for her wedding. After LA, I came back to The Netherlands (NL) and went to Spain with my father. Then he also joined me to Portugal, were I stayed for 6 months. I then spent 2 months in Malawi (Africa) and after thaaat I went back for almost 4 months to Bonaire and Curaçao. Helping my father move to the island, seeing my baby sister graduate primary school and starting high school and being there for my mother’s, father’s, stepfather’s and my own birthday (my sister is still mad I didn’t stay for hers). Back in NL, after some working and saving up some money I started my road trip by car to Portugal. Which actually took me 2 cars, 2736km, 5 days, 4 energy drinks (my first time drinking these, everr), maybe 3kg of chocolate and a 813-track playlist. But more about that, when we are back in the future.

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