No, it’s not de-ja-vu. It’s indeed back to the future. For I just got back home, which feels weird to say, because where is home? But my “home” for now, there is where I just got back to. Which means I’m writing this on the 16th of January. The evening. But I will share this with you all on Wednesday, which I think is the 19th. (I’m a bit lost in the days and dates right now, but I think we’re good). And which is also before the blogpost I’ll share that talks about the days before today. So yeah, that back-to-the-future-feeling. Which I’ve had before..

It’s also this feeling again because once again I will come back to writing. Once again I’m making a new commitment. New, as in it being a different one this time. For sure a couple times I made the same one. But recently, it’s been only different ones. So, I should then actually call it Another commitment, right? Which is good. A very good sign for me to see. To see that I am not stuck in the same place, but definitely making progress. I hope you notice that too. You: the handful of loyal readers I have, haha. At least, that I know off.

Sidebar. I’m happy to write the way I am writing now. Not anymore in parts on several days, but continuously and in a couple of hours or even minutes for this one. But I know for sure that it will differ per type of blogpost I’ll write; recipes, travel experiences, reflections on bible references. But this “storytelling-way” of writing is rubbing off on me. And I like it.

Today, on my very long travel back from Curaçao, I made a quick stop in the city I was born in: ‘s-Hertogenbosch. The Dutch city with the most fanciest name, some Dutch pages don’t even recognize it. One of the people I visited there, was my cousin Jonathan, who motivated me to write today. To go all in and not just post once a week, but at least three times he said! Then he corrected himself and said that that would count for a vlog, but still haha, it left me motivated. He left a seed. Or actually, he planted one. Maybe he didn’t do it on purpose, but for sure this seed has a purpose on its own. It opened my eyes: why write once a week, which is 52 times a year, which at the moment is maybe 90% done by guest bloggers and not by myself?! What are you doing? What am I doing? This is indeed not enough and correct and for sure not where God wants me to be stuck at. And so the new commitment is born. Oh wait, Another commitment is born. The seed sprouted. Three posts a week. What a challenge, but I for sure accept it. So I pray to God and ask Him to strengthen me and inspire me with whatever I see and whatever comes my way. I’m ready. And I hope you are too.

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