Hi my name is Lennart Wilson and I am married to my lovely wife Juliette and together we have 3 beautiful daughters.

My story begins on Curaçao my birthplace. I was raised catholic and as almost every little kid there I went every sunday to church with my mother and father. At church I didn’t feel that much. I never felt God in that church. But I always have been curious about who God was.
I was a very respectful, sweet and caring boy. I had the feeling that I needed to be man in the house. I had to take care of my sister and my mom. Especially at the age of 8 when my parents got divorced. At that time it had a big impact on me, although I did not see that at that time. So I grew up without a father in the house that could lead me to make the right choices. I missed that feeling.

Then in my teenage years I stopped going to church. But worse than that I got to know new “friends” that had everything, enough money and the newest cars. Everything I also wanted. So I began to get curious about how they got to have all that at an early age. On Curaçao your status is very important. You know; see and been seen. So before I knew it I got involved into the world of crime. At that moment I thought that I had “everything” I ever wanted. 

At the age of 19 I moved to the Netherlands to “study”. Actually it was for my freedom. But still doing the wrong things. When I was 21 I began to have inexplicable headache. And very often. I never had that before. I was on vacation on Curaçao and on the day I had to fly back I got an epileptic seizure. I never had this before either and it is not common in our family.

When I was back in Holland I went to the neurologist to do a MRI-scan. I was supposed to get the results the 30th of April. But they called me on the 27th with the question if I could come the next day. No problem I thought. I was very calm. Not knowing what the doctor was going to tell me: the worse thing I could think about. The doctor told me that I had a brain tumor. At that moment, time stood still for a minute. I saw my past pass by like a movie Everything I did, right and wrong, in just seconds.

Than my rollercoaster began. I went to a various specialists. But in Holland there was a very long waiting list. So they refered me to a neurosurgeon in Belgium. Now I can say that that was God’s hand on my life. The neurosurgeon told me that they had a new kind of operation. I needed to be awake so that they could keep communicating with me the whole time. “That’s scary” I hear you thinking. But I was ok with that, after all, it would increase my chance to survive this and live a normal life again by 15%. Let’s go for it, I thought. But when the day came of my surgery, I got a little scared. My brain was full with what ifs..😓 At that moment I prayed to God! I said: “God I know I made some bad decisions in my life, but I promise You, if You save me, I will break the contact with everyone I knew in that scene and stop with every bad  thing I did”.
On that day I got a new chance to live. But this time I would live for Him and with Him.

And He kept His promise so I kept mine too. I surely know that I am healed for life! I know for sure that Jesus covered me with His Holy Blood! And that He keeps me safe. Amen! 🙏🏽
Every year I still have check ups. And every single year my neorologist keeps asking and telling me the same question.. “You had a surgery in 2009 right? It’s amazing cause normally we see the tumor coming back in less than 5 years. You’re an exeption”. (He would not say a miracle). But I tell him every time; Yes! It is because of God that I am healed. (1 Peter 2:24).
God has His own ways to bring us back to Him. We don ‘t need to understand His ways. But to accept, believe and trust Him. Because only He knows what is good for us.  And His way is the only way.

We all have to be born again if we want to see our God in paradise. So it doesn’t matter how big your problem is, remember, God is bigger than your problems! 


Lennart Wilson

Son of God, Father & Husband (trying to be the best husband and father I can be), Mechanic at Carglass
Lives in: The Netherlands

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