Today my cousin Stephanie will share her beautiful love story with us. I love this story, her story, her testimony so much I had to suck a tear back in after reading it for the first time. I’m so happy for her and can’t wait to finally see her walking down the aisle. I hope you enjoy her testimony as much as I did.

This is my testimony.

After being single for 2 years I’ve decided to stop and think for a minute. And then I told myself that I needed to dedicate my time more with God. Because if I want a man sent by God I’d need to spend more time with Him. So that is what I did in January of this year. My cousin once gave me this book back, I think, in 2019 or 2020 called ‘I Kissed Dating Goodbye’. I started reading it but never finished it. So in January of this year I started reading this book again and finally finished it in April. But in the meantime that I was reading it, I’ve also started watching a series of preachings by pastor Michael Todd called ‘Relationship Goals: Reloaded’ on YouTube. Go watch it. I learned a lot from the book, but also a lot from these series. Like that I need to trust God more and put everything in His hands, because He knows when it is the right time and season. He knows that I need to love the season that I am in now (single season) or that I need to rip off the list.

I was that person that had a type of list in my head of what kind of man I wanted. For example, I didn’t want a man with kids or too many kids. Maybe one or two kids, but it was actually a no-go for me: a man with a lot of kids. I wanted a man that served God and that we could serve God together. That was my number 1 priority. He needed to be around my age and mature etcetera, etcetera. So in this episode called ‘Rip Off The List’, the pastor was saying to rip off the list you have and I was like “Whattt?! No!”. But I prayed and I told God that I will rip off my list but only if the man He has for me serves Him.

In the beginning of May I downloaded some dating apps, because due to Rona (corona) dating was difficult and you couldn’t see anyone’s face because of the face masks, haha. It took me a while before I started using the apps. But in the meantime I still put everything in prayer and I also asked God that if the one I’m talking to doesn’t serve Him, to then give me a sign or to let me feel it. And so He did! One day I got a message but I was doubting, “Should I answer or not?”, “God should I start this conversation or should I delete it?”. I doubted because I saw that he has kids, but then I remembered my prayers and I start the conversation. In the meantime I was still talking to God, “God don’t forget to send me a sign” and after like a couple of questions this man asked me if I was a Christian. Never before had a man asked me this so I was like “God?? Is this your sign?”. Still I was careful and kept talking practically every day. After a few weeks talking we’ve decided to meet. The first date didn’t go the way he planned it and he was so embarrassed. Even though that had happened I still had a good feeling and gave him another chance.

So now, let me fast forward… we were now dating and talking for like 2 months and still I kept praying and asking God to give me more signs that I’m on the right track. I asked God specific to let him do something I will never expect and so he did: he bought me a ring and he told me that this ring is so I can see that he is serious about us. It was a ring with a little heart on it. I was like “Oh my Gosh!!!”. But this ring didn’t fit my sausage finger, lol, so he went to change it for a bigger size. But unfortunately they didn’t have it in my size, so he needed to choose something else. Then I told my Pastor what he did and my Pastor told me to not wear the ring yet and that he want to pray with the ring first so I gave it to him. I still got many signs from God that I’m on the right track and we decided to make it official. But I kept telling him that we need to take things slow and keep on praying together.

A few months passed by and things were still going wonderful like it was too good to be true. In October we saw a preaching by Pastor Michael Todd together called ‘Vacant Vision/See It Before You See It’. Go watch all of the series! Pastor Michael talked about writing your vision on paper. So I had a vision that my boyfriend will ask me to marry him on my birthday. So I wrote it down on October 29th. And guess whatttttt?! He asked me to marry him on my birthday on November 8th 2021! God is goooddd. So, dear readers, my message to you is: put your trust in God, dedicate time with God, be specific in your prayers, write your vision down and wait on God!!! And keep asking the Holy Spirit to lead.

Listen to this nice song of Maverick City – Wait On You.

Much love,
Stephanie R.

Stephanie Rosario

District nurse
Lives in: The Netherlands

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