As you may have noticed, last week I didn’t share any blogposts. I took a bit of a break during my break being here on Curaçao to celebrate my father’s wedding. So today I’ll show a bit more of myself and my family by means of sharing some pictures.

After 21 years my father decided to get married again. On the beautiful date of two’s: 2-2-’22. And all I can say is that I am so proud of him, that I am so happy for him and so thankful for him. He is a changed man and an example to me and to many. Look at that smile, with his African Queen on his side. How can one not sponateously become happy and maybe even give a smirk back. I am now a parent richer, a sibling richer, a family richer and even a couple of friends richer. Enjoy a couple more snaps of me with family I hadn’t seen for 2,5 years, with a never before worn amount of make-up on my face and with duct tape on parts of my body the sun doesn’t see often. All of these adorned by grace and more smiles. The African Ocean Blue Wedding.

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