Narepto Rosario. Narèpto, like tio Ivan pronounces it. Lange Jan, like I pronounce it. Which is Long John if you translate it to English and I must say, that’s a pretty cool name.

I would love to write about all to things you loved, the things you loved to do, your favorite food and the favorite people in your life. But I frankly and simply don’t know. And I know that’s ok. Because I do know the person you were to me. The first big cousin and brother I remember. And for that, I want to thank you.

Thank you for never pushing me away when I asked a million questions or just wanted to be around the big boys. Thank you for not hesitating in wanting to win a plush animal at the Kermis for me. And then thank you for winning my biggest Nemo yet, on your first try. Thank you for being an example of a long term relationship to me. Thank you for Juanita you gave me on my birthday and which 85% of it papa smoked up.

I thank you for caring. Thank you for asking. Thank you for remembering and always showing an interest. Thank you for being there and thank you for being you.

Sosega na pas primu.

Narepto Christopher Marvan Rosario
2-7-1983 ❤️ 13-5-2022

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