Hola guapos y guapas!

Before I started writing this blog, I thought: let me read my previous blog first. And while I was reading that blog, I was like: oh my gashhh, so much has happened/changed since then!

So, we (my boyfriend and I) did buy that Nardo Grey scooter, and we enjoyed it to the fullest during summer. We have been riding it for hours, from our house to the bigger cities (which costs at least 45 minutes one way), even when we had decent birthday parties where we were wearing decent clothes on the scooter and my curly hair was riding through the wind as well, haha! When we arrived at the party the family said: Hey Daisy, your hair is so Wild today! (LOL).

Furthermore, unfortunately, we didn’t go on a holiday together anymore. He has left to go to Qatar for a couple of months for his work. His company is providing water throughout the whole World Cup event and he is supervising this project (how cool ^^). Therefore we didn’t go anymore, and now I am missing him so mushhh. Haha, anyway.. Therefore I decided to make my own holiday plans (besides working until the 3rd week of August). So, I directly booked a ticket to Faro! One day right after my last day at work. I decided to wait a bit to check out the cheapest price to book a return flight, and well, two weeks in Portugal it would be! Whoop whoooop, Tashhh here I come is what I said, haha!

So, to recap for what happened so far: bought a scooter, didn’t sell my Opel corsa yet, riding my boyfriend’s car now, didn’t go for a trip to Spain/Italy anymore, couldn’t bring my grandmother on a small trip yet (due to plannings of both of our vacays), booked a trip to Portugal and went to visit my One in a Melon!

Oooof, I had one of the best chilling vacays everrr. It literally felt like I had the opportunity to chill at home, but also had the opportunity to enjoy all of the beautiful things in the Algarve. I am so grateful that Tash was hosting me, like always, Mama Tash in tha house! She even welcomed me with balloons (how cuuute and thoughtful!). We went out for lovely and delicious (and cheap ass!) dinners, surfing (bodyboarding for me, LOL! Love it though!!) at the beautiful beach Arrifana (in Aljezur), she showed me an amazing park I could cycle to. Since that day, I loved taking the bicycle and riding the park. They even have a small MTB track with mini hills! And having a longer ride towards the airport and thereafter to the beach. That’s really something I will miss here in The Netherlands, to ride up and down from hills… And, one more thing, definitely something worthy to mention: I LOVEDDDD THE (POST-)SUNSETS SOOOO MUCH!! Damnnn, the coloring is sooo beautiful, like WAUW, wow, guau!!!

Muito obrigadaaa mi Tashmyn, por tudo!

In the meantime some other plans regarding trips came into mind: I still have tickets booked to Egypt (Hurghada), which I might want to change into a voucher to save it to go to Turkey soon. The trip to Asia is probably not possible anymore due to travel (aka: dumb ass covid) restrictions. For now, I will see what is possible and what is not, and I will try to be a little flexible as well regarding planning the trip. I would love to go visit my boyfriend in Qater(Doha) and to combine that trip with Dubai and Abu Dhabi too. Unfortunately, that will not be possible either due to travel restrictions then. So, now I have to see what ís possible… One thing I dó want to do: to bring my grandmother on a small trip to Valkenburg: a lovely small fairytale village in The Netherlands I have never been to. We just need to make sure we find a ‘nice’ day (aka: no rain, not too cold). And, believe it or not, that is sometimes a real challenge over here :’)

Well, it is time to say goodbye for now guys. I will update you again next time.

Ciao, bye, até pronto, adios, houdoe! (Houdoe means bye in the southern part of The Netherlands).

– So so Lobi –

Daisy Parmessar

Youth Carer, “Positive Days”
Instagram: @daisypar
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