At times like these
I clearly see
Your grace and mercies
Shown to me

Your gentle heart
Your tender touch
Your hand that’s
Hovering over me

I’m suspended in the air
Where my fate intersects with
The fiery road
I’m suspended in the air

There’s no fleeing this
Yet I’m not alone
I will shine like gold
There’s no fleeing this

I gave up control
Though the dark’s closing in
But the Light ere remains
There’s no fleeing it

Through unsurmountable fear
My heart shall be unmoved
And my mind – consumed by
Thoughts of me and You

This one came to me while trying to figure out something meaningful to make a painting of.

It’s a lyrical representation of the cross of Christ, the road leading up to it. It highlights how especially the believer’s life is similar to it, since we’ve to bear our cross daily as well.

The beginning of the poem represents the outstretched arms of Christ as He hung on the cross. Being suspended in the air.Then, not being able to flee because of His feet being nailed to the cross.

It repeats the same line at the start and at the end, but notice of the first one points to the trials and despair while the second one points towards victory and hope. This in order to illustrate Christ’s sacrifice being our salvation; our trials causing our constant sanctification; and that if the Master was despised, the servant shall be as well.

Yet, He gives beauty for ashes. And what the enemy intended for evil, He made it work for good.

Finally it addresses Jesus giving up the soul, and compares it to when we His children finally give up control. And when that happens, miracles take place. Just a “it was done”, when Jesus gave up the soul, or a miracle take place in us when we give up control. When we surrender to God and learn how to trust.

Ps. I got inspired to write this poem after reading another one written by a friend. Go check her out: @vesselforpurpose.

Kemuel Sandries

Writer, artist
Instagram: @kemu_art & @kemu_words
Snapchat: @kemu_001
Lives on: Curaçao

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