For a girl so selfless, she forgot her self and they forgot her:

Lost my dad at 14
So it’s always been me and my siblings
Being young,
yet knowing that it’s all just me now

I must have waited for too long
Perhaps know better to do me
‘Cause I talked to God about my situation
But every shortcut seemed to be the only way

Some would say I went astray
It hurt at the time but I got it under control
Strangers on the door
But I never sensed the danger

And even though,
I knew my ways would bring nothing but suffering at the end
I managed to keep my sins in the dark
Away from my loved ones

So before they said it all I was already a saint to them
And no matter what life had thrown to them,
I was heaven sent to them
A guardian angel and I did my best

Things turned though,
I guess God made them my punishers
They forgot about me
Young men who can now reason and don’t hesitate to call me names

When all I ever did was provide
Forgive me I never had a life
Perhaps if things were different
I would make a perfect wife

But life took its turns on me
I never saw the bright light
A prostitute that’s all I will ever be
And I smile bitterly

Knowing at the end that’s all I ever was
I’m not mad about it,
I still pray,
I just don’t know if God is still listening

Mwenecho Botha

IT technician, photographer
Instagram: @smil3yn3cho
Lives in: Malawi

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