Oooof, I would looove to see that right now. I even have been considering to get a tattoo regarding this, seriously! Yep.. A tattoo. Never thought I would want it. I was always that person that thought it is a weird thing to just randomly put on your body while you could also just put a poster, photo or painting of it in their house or whatever (sometimes this is still my con to get a tattoo, lol.). Anywayyy, this year I have been thinking about IF I would like it, Where I would like one, and even more important: What kind of tattoo.

I can imagine that you probably think right now: tattoos? I thought Daisy was the Travel blogger?! And, of course, there must be a connection between these two subjects, haha. Lately I have been thinking (and searching for inspiration through Pinterest) about Palmtrees. Since I Love palmtrees and I really associate them with travelling and relaxing vibes, vacation, warmth and exploring other nations. I am trying to find out what kind of designs would be nice. Right now I am focused on palms and arrows, and probably to add more tiny symbols within the arrow.

But OK, let’s get back to the real subject: TRAVEL – VIAJAR – REIZEN! 

In the last blog update, I just got back home after a lovely, sweet, dope, fun, chill vacay at My one in a Melon her casa. Still so grateful for that time I had. I see her stories when I go on Instagram once in a while and then I can (digitally) enjoy her breathtaking sunsets from her place. Pfff, I miss you and Portugal muchissimo! (Sad emoji face).

In The Netherlands, the weather has been so sucky. A lot of rain! Because of that (and of course because of some busy moments) I wasn’t able to bring my grandmother yet to that nice place Valkenburg, but hopefully we are able to do so asap! 

Hurghada, Egypt is still on! So far so good, I am planning to go there by myself. I was thinking about my travels in 2019 when I went for almost 2 months to Asia. Damnnn, what did I love that trip. I was able to travel around whenever and wherever I wanted to go. I especially looooved to ride on a scooter and to just wander around. So, now I thought: you know what? It isn’t a bad thing that no one can join me. It is maybe even for the better to explore myself and other places again on another level. 

Furthermore, there is no vaxx needed anymore to go to Thailand, but there still is to go to Indonesia. So, for any of you, if you want to go to Asia, Thailand is definetely a Go go! If you need any tips, holla at me in the comments below!

Neither it is for Qatar, UAE. Only a test is mandatory now. So I was “heppie de peppie” at first. But, then I found out some bummers. But today in the morning I found out another thing, so therefore I am happy again. Hahaha, I can’t even explain in what kind of rollercoaster I have been in these last weeks regarding the travel regulations. Pfff.. What a big non-sense PEEP-show. (In my opinion!)

So.. Hopefully I can share other stories with you the next time about my trip(s) to either Egypt and/or Qatar, UAE. We will have to be patient and just stay positive and then (hopefully) we can enjoy those moments that Will come to the fullest!

– Positive minds, positive vibes, positive life – 

PS: I did sell my car a week or two ago and even for a decent price. Whoopwhoop!

So so Lobi to y’all,
– x – Positive Days

Daisy Parmessar

Youth Carer, “Positive Days”
Instagram: @daisypar
Facebook: Daisy Parmessar
LinkedIn: Daisy Parmessar
Lives in: The Netherlands

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