We are now one and a half month into my 3 month fast. Finishing the year strong in the only way that is possible: with Him. Remember? God opened my eyes to see so much already. And this is only halfway… I can’t wait to see all I’ll have learned by the end of the 3 months!

Two very big topics have been my finances and occupation. Or in other words, my priority. Or not. It’s been a season of me reflecting on which priorities I live by. What or Who is my number one priority? What am I putting first and allowing to catch my first attention?

Last week on the 5th of november I decided to watch a sermon again. I had finished The Garden by Michael Todd and had prepared the series Relationship Goals to start watching. But, a clear feeling sent me to a video that popped up in the suggested list: First Ain’t Second. So I clicked on the play button. And pretty quick the first slap hit me: “God wants you to chase purpose. Not paper. God wants you to follow Purpose.”

And then the second, third and fourth slap: Purpose over Paper. Purpose over Partner. Purpose over Platform.

God wanted to teach me what and Who comes first. God always has been and will be first, it was just I that needed to live by it. Showing it in my actions, my decisions and in my priorities. For example by putting God first in my tithing. Yes, I’ve learned to tithe, but never did I do it first. I never brought the tithe right after it landed on my account or in my wallet. It is not mine, it is His and thus should be brought back to Him right away. No slacking and no keeping my blessing on my account, eating it or traveling in it. I either bring it or I steal it.

God wants me to obey. Obey His whisper, His voice, His command. He wants to know that He has my heart. Giving is all about the heart. It’s about what God wants to do on the inside of me. If I put God first, the rest will be blessed. So I wrote down in my notes and soon will on my wall:

“Put God First.”


For my purpose is what God has given me, it’s what God has asked from me and commanded me to do. So when I choose Him, I also choose purpose. Forget the rest, the income, the bills, the plans… It will all work together and come into order After. But first, choose nothing and no-one else but God, seek nothing else but the Kingdom and chase nothing else but my Purpose.

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