Today on Sunday 20th of March I watched F.O.M.O. of the Crazy Faith series by pastor Michael Todd. And at the beginning of his preaching he mentioned something I recognized right away: being spiritually hangry. I didn’t only recognize it, but identify that it was that that I have been feeling and experiencing the last weeks or even the last couple of months. I think starting mid-December. I have been eating and taking in the Word of God as snacks. Quick readings, verses and snaps from Instagram, verse of the day, the devotional of that verse of the day (a 1 minute video and one day of a plan suggestion) and not the devotionals I carefully chose myself on the Bible App. These all have been snacks. What I’ve been missing, what has me starving, hungry and even hangry, is a proper meal of the Word of God. Getting back to these series from Michael Todd I oh so love. Getting back to reading books, especially the C.S. Lewis series I am doing. Starting new devotional plans and doing them with others. And as a red juicy cherry on top, getting back to fasting and praying. Spending my time with God, working on our relationship. Me getting to know Him better. Allowing Him to move in me, giving Him space, room and time to talk to me, speak to me, guide me, teach me, mold and mend me. Aligning with His plan for my life, aligning with His will and His word.

Craving God is the best craving there is. I started a 21 day Fasting & Prayer. A simple one, getting back to building and strengthening my relationship with God and getting back to a routine. A routine not only my spiritual stomach, but also my whole self needs to keep, both when I am at home or on vacation, or when I have people over. This routine should be my life-routine, which I need to always keep, whatever the circumstances. This routine will keep me going, keep me working and functioning. This routine is God-lit. At least three times a year a Fasting&Prayer, every week/Sunday a sermon, every week a day to keep as Sabbath where I relax, don’t work and do things that lift my spirit or refuel my energy bar. Prayers every day, two chapters a day out of the Bible and a devotional a day.. that’s the plan for now and the goal is to keep it going without breaking it for at least half a year. After that I continue of course, so it may become my new normal.

Now let’s eat!

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