I love the fact that You have several names. It’s a neverending list of all the names of Good, the names of Love You have. I remember starting a list in my notebook or journal of all the names You are called in the Bible. This is when I started to read the Bible from the first book till the last, from Genesis to Revelations. I started the list, but then stopped because I found a page at the end of my Bible with all Your titles and names. Job done. It’s not neverending as I exaggerated, but it’s beautiful and eye-opening. Your love, Your abilities, are Neverending though. Your might, Your mercy and Your grace are neverending. Your presence and attention are neverending. There isn’t an end. You are enough. You are the ‘neverending’ we need. A neverending to everything in our life, in our being, that we need. You are All we need.

This year, these last few months, Your name Jehovah Jireh has really stood out to me. You reminded me over and over again that this is Your name too. You positioned my face, my eyes, so that they rest on You. Turning away from the worries and the so called responsibilities of the world. You taught me how to rest in You. To “let go and let God”. To allow You to provide for me. Yes, You are my provider. You still teach me and remind me every day. You are All I need. Your neverending provision over my neverending needs. My need for You never ends. And I can’t wait to share all the stories of Your neverending Glory.

I love You and every part of the Neverending You that You are.

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