Have you ever read Ecclesiastes 2 before? Where you find Solomon kind of monologuing and a bit arguing with himself. Where you find him being disappointed every time he finds out that practically everything he does here on earth, “under the sun” as he put it, is a pursuit of the wind. Bless him.

Have you ever thought of what to do with the rest of your life? What your purpose is? Or wondered where you stand at the moment? Maybe you prayed and prayed and even changed your mind a couple of times. Have you asked yourself or God what you are doing it all for?

May it be everything But a pursuit of the wind. Because if you’re not pursuing the wind, you’re pursuing God. It means you’re then pursuing His presence, His face, His Kingdom. And that everything you do, is to glorify Him. For that everything you build, is to be build in the Kingdom. Because everything you chase here on earth will turn into dust. The dust is what dances with the wind. And so indeed, you’re pursuing the wind.

May your teachings stay behind. Recently I quit my job. I was teaching new colleagues that arrived and had set as a goal to give them all the information that I had ever received there or that I had to find out on my own. To pass that on, all that I had learned before, so that they can start with the same amount of knowledge I have at the time I’m passing it on. And thus they could only do better than I ever did.

May your teachings stay behind. May that what you learn, that what you have been through, your testimony, your experience, the lessons that have added to your wisdom, all that you have received; may you pass it on to those to come. May you leave your story behind them. And may it be a foundation for others to build on.

And so I conclude. May the work you do here on earth not be in vain. Do your part you were put here to do. It’s not just one specific task. Your life here on earth is a purpose in general. Your daily living. You have purpose. And maybe you feel a bit lost in what your next steps are and what God is asking you to do right now or for the next few years to come. But trust me. He will come through and show you the way. He will guide you and tell you and enlighten you what your purpose is and what His beautiful plan for your life is.

Just Pursuit Him.

Matthew 6:33 [HCSB] – “But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be provided for you.”

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