“Break my heart. Break my heart into a thousand pieces.”

After hearing this frase and seeing the gesture in the sequel To All The Boys: P.S. I Still Love You I went through a moment of reflection. It made me think:This is what Jesus does. This is what He has already done.

Lara-Jean is in a love triangle. She just broke up with her first boyfriend and she’s now at a dance with a crush from the past. She kisses him and realizes that he isn’t the one. Going inside and being stopped by one of the residents of the so what fancy home, Lara-Jean tells her what happened and says she feels bad. The lady says that sometimes you need to kiss the wrong dude to find out which one is the right one. When Lara-Jean is about to leave to go to her former boyfriend, she goes outside and finds him there. Outside, ready, waiting and coming to pick her up. He says: “Break my heart. Break my heart into a thousand pieces.” Stating that she could break his heart, hurt him, but he would still love her. He would still choose her, he would still be there for her. And it’s This that made me think of Jesus’ sacrifice and what He is telling us still today.

When Jesus sacrificed Himself for us, He chose us over Himself. He choose to fulfill the will of God, of our Father, and gave His life as a sacrifice for us. He went through the pain, through the embarrassment, through the misjudgment, through the mistreating, through sorrow and suffering, through DEATH, for Us. All for us. And still today He tells us that in situations like Lara-Jean, where we “break up” with Jesus, choose others before Him, where we turn away from Him, where we forget Him. That in all those cases and whatever other scenario you can imagine, Jesus will be right there. Waiting for us, loving us the same, ready to wipe away our tears, to hold our hands and give us a hug of comfort. Even if we break His heart in a thousand pieces, He will still choose us.


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