A Short Goodbye and a Speedy See You Soon from Daisy. This will be her last time writing under the L.O.G. category, but for sure not her last time on Tashmness. She’ll be one of the first guest bloggers in the new Travel Series that soon will be starting. I’m super excited to start these and especially excited to start the first guest post of the series with her! I couldn’t have chosen anyone better than this ‘Oh-So-Travel-Every-Dais’ aka ‘Daisy-Me-Travelling’ traveller, writer and dreamer. Fasten your seatbelt and get ready!

Hola dear people,

It has been a couple of months, so first of all: I hope you all had a wonderful New Year’s Eve, and I wish you all the best! (Not only for 2023, but for eternity! :P). The last time I ended up with uncertainty regarding my travels.. So, I will definitely give you an update of where I have been and furthermore of what has happened within the last couple of months. And I promise, I will try to keep it short and sweet. (But of course I can’t, hihi).

So, to start right off, I bought my new car yesterday! Now, I have my very own Sparkieee! (aka: Chevrolet, Spark). But even more important, I have been to QATAR to visit the WORLD FOOTBALL CHAMPIONSHIP! I would rather say I visited my boyfriend though, but the FIFA World Championship sounds way fancier, haha. So, what turned out to be an indecisive process of two options, Egypt or Qatar, eventually changed to my boyfriend being able to arrange a flight for me to Qatar!! Besides that, the restrictions to enter the county were more relaxed. I was so happy about the fact that I could finally go visit him after a couple of months, that I decided to just lose the ticket of Egypt and that I would go to Doha in Qatar.

I had a wonderful time there with him, but I also explored the city by myself. Went to the beach, multiple areas, the FIFA Festival Fan Zone, which was amaaazing to watch matches with a lot of people. They just have a huge screen where a lot of people came to watch the matches instead of watching it in the stadium, it was an awesome way to watch the games. In the background, on the sides and behind the screen, you saw the skyline of the Doha City Center. The vibes of all the people over there was just A-MA-ZING. 

Contrary to all the negative news on tv etc. it was just a wonderful and lovely experience. The people all could get along, celebrated together, sang together, partied together. It was so multicultural, so peaceful!! I am so grateful that I was able to go there. This is one of those moments that I am so thankful for that we (at least from The Netherlands), are able to go wherever we want to go (almost everywhere). That we have that ‘privilege’ of freedom to stand wherever we want to. Unfortunately this world is so unfair, but therefore I am even more thankful of the fact that WE CAN travel to a lot of places. 

So, I had a very nice experience and a lovely time with my man in Doha (Qatar) and during the time I was there I decided to officially start my business by pushing out the (first) logo of OHMYDAIS. The name supposed to represent that feeling of being flabbergasted by the fact that you just saw a beautiful destination. Like, “OHMYDAIS, this is too beautiful, I HAVE to go there!”. 

Since I have seen a lot of places, but still want to explore more and more, I would love to share my experiences and give others the opportunity too. To explore the world, because “this world is too beautiful to be left unseen!”. Therefore, I want to provide Group Travels to explore the world Together. I will start with Ladies Only travels, so I can start my business within my own comfortzone, and maybe in the future I will expand it to Ladies Only trips and Mixed Group trips. 

Since I definitely want to focus on Travels (in real life: personal and business wise, but also in writing) I would like to say goodbye to all the L.O.G. readers, but I would also like to give a Warm Welcome to all the Travel-lovers. Because soon you will see my writings under the Travel Section. So so soo excited to start writing there. The writing will be a bit different tho, it will be more specified writing because it will be organised into themes of countries and cities. So that you can more easily find your way to new and wonderful places (instead of looking through my chaotic writing every time :P).  

So, let’s explore the world together! Y Hasta Pronto in the Travel Section

So so Lobi to y’all!

– x-

Daisy Parmessar

Youth Carer, Entrepreneur, “Positive Days”
Instagram: @ohmydais.travels
Facebook: Daisy Parmessar
LinkedIn: Daisy Parmessar
Lives in: The Netherlands

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