I wrote this piece 2,5 months after I arrived in Portugal. That’s now three years ago. I’m getting back to these pieces and texts I’m finding that I wrote before. To still share them, yes, but also to enlighten me. It’s funny to see that three years ago I had these same thoughts or actually thought them then first. They were first. And so it took me three years to go through this process. And they are several processes. All leading to One thing. The purpose God has for me and my life. His goal, His plan, His guidance and His promises. It all leads back to Him, always. To His perfect timing and fulfilling of His word. His beautiful Faithfulness.

Romans 8:28 [HCSB] — “We know that all things work together for the good of those who love God: those who are called according to His purpose.”

9 January 2020
Why is it so hard to enjoy enjoying. Why is it so hard, nowadays, to just enjoy doing something you enjoy doing without feeling guilty or feeling like you have something else to do or that you forgot something. Why can’t we just enjoy enjoying?

My first weeks, 2-3 months here I had moments where I asked myself what I am doing here.. Wisdom devotional. What am I doing here? Remember back all the fasting and praying, all the signs and the verses.. I definitely am supposed to be here, otherwise I wouldn’t! God wouldn’t allow that. I have prayed and fasted and asked and received and so I went. So yes, my location is correct. What’s the problem then? The problem is me looking for a problem whilst there is none. The problem is me feeling that there is a problem. I need to get used to sitting still, to waiting, to embracing this time God has set aside for me. This is beautiful free time for me to bloom. And for God to bloom in my life, for God to let every flower of blessing bloom. I am learning to enjoy. To be patient, to be still and know that He is God. What is there to worry about? Why should there be a problem? Chill. This is time to enjoy your talents, your hobbies and God’s purpose for you on strengthening your relationship with Him.

Just Enjoy.

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