Summercamp (SC) is always a super enthusiastic, touching and life-changing experience. Life with Christ is like that every day. But when you go on a three-day adventure, in any kind or form, it’s always amazing!

It wasn’t my first summer camp, and certainly won’t be my last! But it was a special one! From the trip to the talks with the girls, to the words we heard and the feeling of the worship inside like a cozy hug from the inside! Ohhh, soo good!

It wasn’t life changing to the minute, I didn’t have a miracle on the spot, but one ongoing. The weeks prior to SC I had to deal with a lot of bad work stuff, things that mixed up with my identity and were trying to mark me and to change me. It was kind of a life defining moment (moment = few weeks)!

I cried the day I went to SC, sobbed on the phone with my dad as I sat in my new living room talking about getting out of the job that was supporting me and my needs. Just before my eyes I saw my life tremble back months! My dad was praying over me through the phone – something that never happened before, the praying of happening – I was crying, my mind was blown away! And on the road to SC I made a very necessary call and just let it be. When I called my dad to let him know I was “save and sound” at SC, just arriving and that I had called the lady that would help me, he just told me: let it be and let God work. You know, even though I was born and raised in a Christian house, with both parents in church, I heard very little of these types of words – “let it be and let God work”. This was a deep moment of realization – on one day, the same day, my dad had prayed over me and told me to let God work. I was shocked to my very core! And I just told him – “I will just enjoy SC and let God talk to me, I will hear Him out!”.

I was sure of one thing – the situation was bonkers, it was so bad I wanted to stop living right on the spot, I was depressed and ashamed, but I was closer to my father, and he was feeling so protective over me. I was sure that God was going to use this bad situation to bring my family closer – and I was okay with living it if just for that reason!

During SC, God talked to me about how my identity wasn’t something others spoke about, but only for God to speak about and of. He reminded me I was still His daughter and that I shouldn’t be ashamed of what happened. He was going to use me for many reasons.

In November, I wrote about the situation I went through, but on this one I wanted to focus on the trust we put into God. My healing from the whole thing was fast for me, I usually take a while to manage and go through my emotions and I did it very fast this time, which was amazing for me! And my life is in no state perfect, but I’m trusting that He is going to keep protecting and supporting me in every way! My trust in Him doesn’t depend on my work, studies, relationships, family or even on how I’m feeling, it just exists.

When we start a relationship, our mutual trust grows each day, with conversations and by being together. With God, our relationship grows by Him simply existing and us deciding we will trust Him in any way and form. Then it’ll grow and then Faith comes!

Truly God worked on a lot of things in me during and after SC, which most of them are hard to put into words and are hard to describe them all. For me, summercamp is always a simple and perfect place, it’s never a thought if I’m going or not, it’s something that is deep in my heart and warms me up inside! It rails my faith and fire for Jesus, it makes me want to do more!

Rebeca Silva

Writer, Student, Marketer
Instagram: @__becas__
Lives in: Portugal

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