Don’t get tired of doing good, for you will reap at the proper time if you don’t give up.

Trust me, you will. You see this verse I just shared, I have been reading it over and over for days so I can remember it. Remember it in times when I need it. When I feel I am about to give up, when I am tired and when I start to become snarky. I’ve recited it, so I can remember it in my brain as I don’t always have my bible or my phone with me. To recite means to “repeat aloud or declaim (a poem or passage) from memory before an audience”. Often I am my own audience when I need to remember this verse. But sometimes in the audience sits also the enemy. The enemy that tries to derail us or tries to make us stumble or just wants to enjoy the show as we do that to ourselves. I can’t have that. And I don’t accept it. So I recite to remember, to be able to say it loudly, confidently and boldly during the main show.

I go over the verse every day until I get it right. I repeat this action, I’m consistent and loyal to myself. Being loyal to others is very important and good and we must definitely do it. And surely also remember to be loyal to yourself. Be consistent with yourself and show yourself you can rely on yourself. It builds your discipline. Go over things; habits, actions, routines and in this case bible verses. It’ll become natural like having an arm or simply breathing.

When I read I try not to be so ‘robotic’ by just going over the words. They would then enter in one ear (or my mouth) and then get out of the other ear. It doesn’t hang or stick. And so I try to really imagine the situation. Imagine every part of the sentence as if I’m sketching a scene. Maybe one that hasn’t happened yet, an example, or maybe one from the past. A scenario of doing good. What are the good things or the things for good I do that sometimes I get tired of doing. That can turn me into ‘Snarky Tash’, but that I really love doing when my energy bar is between full or half-full. I never want to get tired of doing this, for even if it takes some energy from my bar, it fills my Love-bar that allows me to see everything in warmer color shades. It’s a combination of compassion and peace, of fluttering butterflies and melting ice cream and of long hugs and smiles that can’t be rubbed off of faces.

So I recite, repeat and meditate on the Word. So that in the field I can take a deep breath in, mentally (re-)load my verse-bullets, aim and shoot. Now let’s go over the verse again, this time properly quoted.

Galatians 6:9 [HCSB] — “So we must not get tired  of doing good,  for we will reap at the proper time if we don’t give up.”

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