Or in English: Happy Women’s Day.

Today is the day they call Women’s Day. The day we remember the women in our lives. The day we acknowledge and honour them. The day we lift them up and put them on a pedestal. Discounts and special menu’s everywhere. It’s a day we’re “allowed” to feel special.

May today be a day to be reminded we are special Every day. We are uniquely and beautifully made. Each with a purpose of our own. Our own name, our own package with identity and character, our dreams and wishes, our struggles and trials, our lessons and teachings & our contractions and creations. We each have our part to do. My part can only be done by me. And your part only by you. So, be You. There is no-one who can be You-er than You.

May today be the day we live out as every Other day. May we give each other a hug, a smile, a flower, a meal, a touch of kindness and a reminder to do it all again tomorrow. Tomorrow and all the days to come. For we have only just begun. Today’s foundation we lay, is our daughters’ to build on tomorrow.

Happy. Woman. Everyday.

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