I just finished reading the first paragraph of the very first chapter of this new book I’m reading by Robert Morris called The Blessed Life. And oh it has blessed me already.

The very first paragraph in, I finish it with tears in my eyes and a prayer saying “Father, I want to be like him. Just like him.”

Him being Robert Morris, the author. Not because he’s living a “blessed life”, not because he receives back all he gives out, not because he lives a life in abundance, not because God provides for him or because he trusts that God will. But because in that first paragraph it shows he is obedient. He too asked God if God’s sure, and (at first) it maybe didn’t make sense to him either. He was discussing with God, talking to Him, begging, bargaining, trying to rationalize. But God told him to trust Him. And to give. To do as He had commanded him. And so Robert did. He obeyed.

He showed it’s not always easy, but he showed he kept his focus on God, no distractions were shown, even though he was discussing with God, it still was with God alone. Nobody else, but God. And God repeated, confirmed and commanded him what to do. And so he obeyed.

I want to be like him — because he obeyed.

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