Did you realize that when you are in the position of surrender, your head is down, your knees are bent and your arms are wide open directed to the heavens? You surrender, because you don’t want to be in control anymore and allow God to work. I have been in this prayer of surrender and resurrender for a couple of weeks now. Allowing God to take control of Everything. Every decision, every step I take, every plan, every breath I take, every feeling, every thought. Every-thing. And I have seen God work in so many beautiful ways already that I couldn’t have seen in any other way. God has blessed me with so many in these passed weeks it’s making me dizzy. But just in a way of saying, because truly, God even gave me stability and focus to see all that is happening. God gave me revelations and protection. He gave me discernment and guidance. He gave me the words to say and a protocol with steps on how to end a relationship. God spoke to me through dreams and confirmed it with another dream. God has opened doors and windows and gave me many new ideas. He has enlightened me, given me wisdom and understanding. This all in such a “short” period compared to my 10 year run with Jesus. This started since I decided to go all in in October 2022. Last year. Which means we are now 5 months later. And it has been on full speed since I started my prayer of surrender this January 2023, which means this acceleration is a month young. And there is so much more to come. Get ready, get ready, get ready!

This also makes me think of my favorite letter in the Bible: Tsade. This letter has the form of a person in the position of surrender. Part of the letter is formed with a Nun, which represents a humble and faithful servant that is bent in submission. “The tzaddik – the righteous person — is therefore revealed in the letter form as a faithful servant with its arms raised before the LORD in humility. The tzaddik is said to reflect the divine image when he or she lives in humility and dependence upon Him for the ability to live in trusting obedience to His will.” (Hebrew4Christians).

What we maybe don’t or didn’t realize before, at least I didn’t, is that when we surrender, the same position we take, is also the perfect position for God to give to us. It’s also the position of receiving. When you surrender all to God, you’ll be in the position to also receive all from God.

Surrender now. Surrender today. No excuses. And see God work, beautifully and overflowing in abundance in your life.

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