I want to see You
My heart beats for You
I want to feel You
My soul yearns for You

In the early morning
I looked up to the sky
And despite of all the beauty
Saw no signs You were nigh

The truth is I need You
Yet I run from Your sight
And I hide
While You alone can satisfy

Too cold in the dark
Too exposed by Your light
Yet I long for You
Oh bright morning star

I want to see You
My heart beats for You
I want to feel You
My soul years for You

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt about God it is that He isn’t what people generally make Him out to be.

He’s not authoritarian, or insensitive to our need nor our self-inflicted sinful state. He’s not condemning and neither is He silent.

It’s quite the opposite.

The Creator of the Universe, entitled to all of existence though He might be, is patient with us. He’s loving towards us. He relates to us and feels for us. He stands continually with open arms ready to receive all who come to Him. It takes but a moment in His prescence or careful studying of the movement of His hands throughout creation (through science and the Bible) to realize that He’s truly continuously speaking these truths towards all who want to listen.

If there’s something I’ve learnt, is that I don’t have the insight to know what’s absolutely right for me. Nor moderately right either. But somehow leaving everything in His hands, although it might not lead to the scenario I would’ve wanted, always elevates me closer towards my higher self. The one He intended me to be in the beginning.

I’ve learnt that even in His thou-shalt-not’s, there’s limitless goodness and compassion. His commandments aren’t merely a test of obedience, rather it is something approximating a protective fence. A low fence, and a path. A fenced path. One who simultaneously protects and guides toward one’s ultimate purpose.

It’s for each to decide whether the fence (low though it might be, tall though it may seem) and the path (perplexing, or simplistic though it may be) are either limitations, or (as I believe) freedom to attain in due time ones ultimate calling.

Much love,

Kemuel Sandries

Writer, artist
Instagram: @kemu_art & @kemu_words
Snapchat: @kemu_001
Lives on: Curaçao

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