I wrote a couple of letters
Which I never sent to you
At times I wanted to call
Or just a text
But I stay contempt
For the first time I found peace being myself

I read a bit then
Started reading often
A few Bible pages then back to novels
Slowly the Bible made more sense and I could relate
And before I even knew it, I was praying for you
I was a bit bitter when I heard you got married
Seeing you with your daughter on social media, melted my heart and I recognized that smile
You were truly happy

I made plans to visit once I had done my time
But when I got out, I kept my distance
It was better that way
The only way I could protect you from me
Plus it was another way of respecting what you had built over the time I wasn’t there

I met your daughter
At the library
She’s kind just like you
She says I remind her of you
I guess I became your biggest fan
And I didn’t realize I was copying all that you were
I didn’t ask much about you

I met your husband
And my heart broke when he said you had crossed over
That’s why I’m here with these flowers I didn’t bring when I got out of prison the first place
But these prints I never gave a chance to show
They’re still embedded in me
And I will embrace them
Rest well my friend

Mwenecho Botha

IT technician, photographer
Instagram: @smil3yn3cho
Lives in: Malawi

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