Here comes Kemuel again, the wonderful writer. Literally full of wonder, that’s what he is and that’s how he leaves his readers. Now go, and marvel..

Hi again all!

I was a guest blogger in October and it’s been so fun I had to be part of this again. Just in case it’s your first time visiting: I’m Kemuel Sandries, and I enjoy writing and drawing. (Pssst, check me out on Instagram!)

I started writing as an outlet and in time, as I read and experienced more of life, expressing myself through writing started coming naturally to me. I perceived later on that my thoughts and writings might very well have some utility for others, which lead me to sharing them on Instagram. 

In my writings, I attempt to make sense of reality the best way I know how as well as offer some encouragement for those who might be going through facets of their life that is proving to be difficult. All while using the bible as the basis for doing so. 

In contrast to last time, I will not be sharing a poem. In the spirit of the holidays, as we reminisce on the year gone by, I share with you something that is much better, namely: how to time-travel in three easy steps. Hope you enjoy!

A Beginners Guide to Traveling Through Time

As a child, and even now as a young adult, I have been fascinated with the sci-fi genre. Rarely anything excites me more than to explore the possibilities of humanity having advanced technology at its disposal and what the psychological and/or sociological implications of that may be. Think The Expanse, in which (spoiler alert!) an alien substance ends up opening doors to other worlds. Or the Foundation, in which the future is predicted through mathematics. Or Dune, in which technology has moved past robots and devices towards bioengineering and transhumanism. But as I grew up I realized that what interested me most about these stories weren’t their fantastical nature, but how grounded they were in reality.

It’s been said that what we consider myth, or fiction is oftentimes realer than non-fiction. The idea is that a true story often relates to maybe a handful of individuals that can relate to that specific event. However, long standing mythical or fictional stories shed light on an overarching truth that, although it cannot be attributed to a single true event, is in fact an amalgamation of a great number of true stories. In other words, these myths might as well contain truths and metaphors that are true in a much deeper sense than true stories, documentaries or testimonies are. And moreover, because of that, the deeper you dive into the meaning of the story being told, the more meaning you’ll be able to extract from it.

I’ve told you about my fascination with technology and I’ve told you about how there might be truths in myth. I did so in order to bring us to the following point. It’s interesting to me how not only me, but we as humans are generally quite interested in the latest technology. Think, for example, of every time a new Samsung or iPhone drops, or Tesla announces a new product, or Spacex launches a new rocket. It is curious how we’re so awestruck by these developments while being ourselves the most advanced piece of technology on the face of the Earth. Our bodies are infinitely complex and efficient. We are self-healing, self-replicating and conscious. We thirst for meaning, purpose and fellowship with each other and with the Transcendent. Without diving into the nitty gritty of the human body and mind – like the mind-body connection, some of our bones being stronger than concrete, and the human DNA being able to stretch to the Sun and back. Four times – these facts alone should be enough to leave one awestruck. 

And this brings me to my central point. One of the primary technologies many like to obsess over are time-machines. But considering the above mentioned, is it possible we are capable of this feature without knowing it? My answer is yes, but it is not a physical means of traveling, but rather the sending forth of bits of data that would allow you to be conscious of the necessary information that will allow you to make the necessary changes to your behavior as to make the most optimal decisions. It is a way of traveling through time that respects the timeline. In doing so, it prevents tinkering with physical reality which can lead to butterfly effects and the creation of alternate reality, thus thinning and possibly fraying the very fabric of space time itself. 

I’ll explain in three easy steps: If a traveler wishes to alter a past (since that is the presumed primary reason one would want to travel at all) certain actions have to be taken in the present. First, the traveler will have to attain a deep understanding of the meaning and purpose of the event to be altered. Since each and every situation, no matter how undesirable, can work in favor of the traveler for building his or her character and wisdom, this event has to be studied in detail to extract every piece of useful information from it. The traveler must keep in mind that the universe, cold and careless as it might seem, is a mechanism creating the environment in which we’re best able to thrive. Not just physically since our home planet is part of it, but also mentally and spiritually, since our bodies inhabit this planet. Beyond just survival, we’re meant to thrive and further evolve, as depicted by the simple fact that even the food that we eat has an impact on our mental state and by proxy our spiritual state. It is all interconnected. Next, once this event is analyzed, and the knowledge attained, it will then be used by the traveler, in the present, to make the most optimal decisions in the future. Transfer of consciousness completed. Travel: successful. How did that actually change the past, you ask? Well uncovering the true meaning and purpose of past events will allow you to see said event in a completely different light. Tragedy, will then be transformed into Wisdom. A necessary lesson to usher in a brighter future. With that, the final step is concluded.

Please be advised that if a traveler wishes to observe the past, he or she should seek to acquire bits of data documented over the years by means of the records available, documented mainly books, manuscripts and revealed by evidences in the form of myths, legends, songs or archeological discoveries. The art of traveling lies not in attaining the information or heightened consciousness alone, but also in scouting and navigating the rough terrains leading up to that mountain. Physics, as of this moment remains to crude a discipline to tackle the issue. 

Happy travels!

Kemuel Sandries

Writer, artist
Instagram: @kemu_art & @kemu_words
Snapchat: @kemu_001

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