Oh my goodness, I’m so excited to start this new journey with one of my Bestessest friends Dampoe Daisy, the best smelling Dampoe you’ll ever smell. Dampoe means Fart in Sranan Tongo by the way, which is one of the languages spoken in Suriname. She is the best friend I know and have the longest, since I was about 3 years old. We are still trying to figure out the exact date. We’ll get there, someday. She is also the one that among many other things motivates me, pumps me up, sparks dance-moves in me I didn’t know I had and allows me to make all kinds of noises with my mouth (sometimes it’s called singing). This journey doesn’t only make me excited because of our relationship, but also because of our shared love for Travel. And I can safely say that her love for travel is bigger than mine! That’s why she gets the well deserved honour to be the first guest blogger in the category Travel & Surf, which is in the ‘makes’ as you can see. Enjoy her first blog and prepare yourself to read and join in on her many adventures.

Hi y’all,

First, let me introduce myself quickly: I am Daisy, Tashmyn’s BEST friend EVAH! Hahaha. No seriously, I ain’t joking. At least, she is mine since pre-elementary school. We know each other now for at least 25 years, and we have many many more years to come.

Besides being one of the bestest friends I have ever had (probably genuinely THE best one), she is also the best person I have ever known. A lovely woman who is always positive and open minded, an optimist to the fullest, peaceful, genuine, joyful, funny as f*ck, and even crazier than me, Daisy aka Spaissy. In other words: she can never ever get rid of me anymore. Yeah Tash, even when you get sick and tired of me, or my stories, I will always be and stay your Dampoe, hahah!

So after reading that I know her for 25+ years, you must be thinking, “Yeeezzz, what grandma is typing here”?! Well, guess what? I am a “young 28 year old” lady, and I grew up in ’s-Hertogenbosch aka Den Bosch. When I was 20 years, I moved to Rotterdam because of school, and I have been living there for almost 9 years now. But I am about to move back to the Southern farmer’s province soon, unfortunately. But eventually, it will all be for a good cause; family-future oriented (but that subject will maybe come later on, IF Tash invites me again after reading this crappy post). This is my first blog ever guys! But I already love writing these thoughts down. It’s fun and brings up peace in your mind.

FURTHERMORE.. I loveee sports (boxing and futsal) and helping other people out, especially young ones. Therefore I am developing my new career as an ambulant youth carer, helping youngsters with complex problems with themselves, between them and their family, and helping them moving forward in life. Besides that, I really like motors and riding them, and I looove music and I could listen to it every day. But, one of my biggest passions in life is: TRAVELLING! But, since I have been rumbling all about my life and my ‘loves’ in life, I will not exhaust you in this short amount of time what you actually decided to use as your ‘relaxing’ time. So.. next time I’ll tell you more about my passion for travelling, probably about my travel dilemma too, and about having my “Travitude”, because I DÓ start to get sassy and grumpy when I miss travelling.

For now, I wanna do the biggest shout out to my sister in crime, my food lover, my travel friend, and my one in a melóoon, Mientje aka Taaaasjmieeen. 

See y’all soon – so so lobi (oh, and by the way, my roots are from Suriname ^^). 

Daisy Parmessar

Youth Carer, “Positive Days”
Instagram: @daisypar
Facebook: Daisy Parmessar
LinkedIn: Daisy Parmessar
Lives in: The Netherlands

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