The fear of not having any travel trips currently booked

Yep… That’s how I feel right now!

— Travellin’ / Roadtrippin’ / Citytrippin’ / Backpackin’ — 

Oooof, I loooove them all so much. I started to taste this passion and love for traveling, during my Masters. I was postponing my thesis for 2 extra years, because of one stupid ass program: SPSS, guess… Seriously, just pay someone else to do this. Since you will never use it in your life! :’) Really, I didn’t mind to analyze the results and to confirm and explain whether and why there were significant relations or not between variables. But, workinggg with the program itself and to roll out tests, nah-ah! That wasn’t made for me. 

Anywayyy, because of postponing my thesis I chose to travel instead, and I learned from another person how to travel the best (which is in my opinion truly the best way of traveling, like, THE best way). How to find cheap tickets, cheap and nice rooms and even hostels. This was also my first time ever that I got to know what a hostel was and really started to appreciate it because of the opportunities it gives you to travel cheap ass low budget! I luvvv it! For example: two-way tickets within Europe for 20,- and 30,- euros, nice and affordable rooms for 2 persons for 20,- to 30,- euros per night, and cheap transportation costs by traveling by public transportation. Yeah, now you are probably thinking: damn girl! How is that even possible? Somehow I am still surprised how these prices are even possible, but believe me, I had the most cheap trips ever, and they were the best! Like spending around 1500,- euros in Asia for more than 7 weeks, flights excluded, around 25,- euros per day, including accommodation, food and drinks, transportation, scooter rentals, and activities!

So, after travelling to several countries already.. At the moment, I don’t have any trips booked yet. And it makes me crazy, because I really want to book a trip. But right now I am too dependent on other things: future work and clients, babysitting for my sister’s kids (who hasn’t gone travelling for years), Tash who still needs to work to save money again after her big ass trip to the Caribbean and my boyfriend’s agenda of work. Who I’d love to travel together with when he comes back after he left for 7 weeks to Miami working on the Formula 1 project. Cool though.. But I miss him and want to surprise him as well. Anyway, since nothing is sure right now and I am in the middle of moving, I guess I have to wait at least until June… Butttt, I don’t Want to wait so long before I can book. It’s driving me crazy, WHAT TO DO?! :’) Shall I just book tickets for myself already, and then see whoever is able to join me. Yeah guys, in my opinion, that’s the best I should do right now.  YEAAAH, LEGGOOOOO Budapest, Rome, Greece, Valencia, or FARO, HERE I COME!

Thanks for reading this guys! Hopefully see you again, then I will tell you what I decided to do and whether I already booked or not, and where I will go to.

So so Lobi – x- Dampoe Daiss

Daisy Parmessar

Youth Carer, “Positive Days”
Instagram: @daisypar
Facebook: Daisy Parmessar
LinkedIn: Daisy Parmessar
Lives in: The Netherlands

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