Hello everyone, here I am again, Raisa.

The message I want to talk about is what spirituality and love means for me. You learn of love everywhere; of your parents, siblings, family members, neighbours, colleagues, friends and the world. The thing that you have to discover is what it means to you.

For me love is the greatest strength we have as humans. It is also sometimes our weakness, because when we don’t understand love we can make bad decisions. Spirituality and love for me is connected. Call it God, the Universe, the divine or another name. And for me, God is love. I’m not talking about religion. This is not what I mean. If you have love you can understand others, you will understand how everything on the earth, sky and sea need each other to function. You will understand how the ecosystem works. And you will understand that we as humans need eachother. This is for me spirituality. To understand that we have a higher calling and are connected for a higher purpose.

Why am I talkin about this? Because these are the things that keep me motivated. It’s my drive to keep moving forward. One thing you can never choose are parents and the family you have and the situation or country you are born in. But the rest you can change, even if you can not change your surroundings, you can choose how to react and to be in it. It doesn’t matter what comes your way. If you hold on to these things, it will guide you on the right path.

When you work on yourself it can be hard for you, but it can be hard on the people around you too. You will not always be the person they are used to. You can be called different, selfish, people pleaser, hater or other things. Some day you will feel weak, depressed, overwhelmed and somedays you will feel like you can handle everything and feel like the strongest person in the world. People will go or come if in your life. People you love can turn their back to you or you will need to distance yourself from your loved ones. Not only others can hurt you, you can hurt others unintenionaly too.

What you do have to remember is that you want to change for the better and that everything is for a reason. Every person has a journey to walk. If it is with others or alone, you do have to keep walking. If you cannot walk, you can crawl, swim or run. If you keep the love and believe that love conquers all. You will succeed.

And the ones that are no longer on your path, if it is meant to be, they will come back again in your life. What I mean is that sometimes if loved ones leave or you leave them it is not always for a bad reason. It can be for an good reason also. Sometimes you or the other person need to work on theirself first to become a better person. With love you have to let go and with love you have to welcome them back again. I don’t mean people who are mean, toxic, psychologically unwell or in a way damaged and unhealthy. You do have to distance yourself and protect yourself. But even if you protect yourself, believe that love will change them. Like I said in my other story, if we stand up and be the change, we will make a difference. Even if they are baby seeds. Everything that grows, has to start from somewhere.

Raisa Henriquez

Free spirit, lover (not a fighter), encourager & a dreamer
Instagram: @rnho
Lives in: The Netherlands

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