As I wrote about in my last two pieces Are You Sure God? and How To Listen To God I have been through some lessons between parties. In both blog posts I write about how I prayed to God in these situations and how He answered back real quick. It was clear to me and I understood how to proceed. Well this time, still partying with the same parties, I had been waiting for a response back from that other party. I know, it’s getting confusing with all the parties, but that’s not the important part. What I want to say is that I arrived at a waiting point where I wondered if I was waiting too long. Which brought me to the question, “who is waiting on whom?”

It wasn’t very clear for me anymore and I didn’t know how to proceed. I had been feeling this ‘clutter’ for a couple of days and slowly I thought maybe it’s best to give the other party a call. But this time, it took me those couple of days to realize that what I needed wasn’t just short “God please show me” moments of prayer. But I had to spend time with God and patiently ask Him what’s next. I realized that I hadn’t been waiting in God’s presence anymore. Or at least not focused in His presence. I know God is always with me, but my focus is not always on Him. And when it’s not, I feel like His presence is not complete. But the matter of fact is that My presence is not complete. It’s not there. He is, there. Always. Waiting for me. Waiting for me to come back. In the same way He always is. Whispering and gently calling my name. It’s time to get back to Him is what I thought just a day before, after I saw couple texts on Instagram encouraging me indirectly to look to the Lord or to spend time with Him. Sometimes we wait on God, while actually God is waiting on us. Waiting on us to make the next move, the next call and to take the next step. So I prayed, read my chapter of the day, spend my time with God and made the call. And after the call with that other party things were clear again, I asked what I wanted to ask and we cleared up all misunderstandings.

Three days later I watch Cloudy Faith by Gary McIntosh where the following sentence stuck with me..

“Sometimes the promise isn’t just given, sometimes it is fought for.”

Sometimes the promise isn’t just given. Sometimes the answer isn’t just given. Sometimes the ball is in my court, which makes it time for me to make a move. And so sometimes, I need to work for it.
A little bit of sweat ain’t never hurt nobody.

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