This photo is for illustrating where I am hoping to be in the upcoming next month or two (well not exactly there, but at least at a nice beach in another nice place). This was taken in Thailand, Krabi, I totally recommend the boat tours there!

Whooohoooww, it’s that time again: postponed the writing of this blog because I overthinked the fact that I didn’t find any inspiration. But, as y’all know, the fingers keep on typing whenever you are writing down your thoughts (well, at least that counts for me!)

Anyway, let’s start my number 4 of them Tashmness blogs ^^

So, what happened in the meantime? Well, actually not quite much changed since my last post, unfortunately! The only thing I know right now is that I will be working this summer and that flights are still as expensive as! So, regarding my summer plans, I am still kind of working part time. I tried to apply to a platform for independent workers where they can choose their own shifts, but after all of the paper struggle, I found out that over more than 95% of their jobs that are open are for people with disabilities (which isn’t my profession). So, that was really an anti-climax for me. On the other hand, I am working a few more hours now with the company I work for at the moment (through my brother-in-law). And with these hours, I should be really happy, because we all need to start somewhere, right?!

Anyway, regarding my other plans besides working, I am about to start with my workouts again and watch my food, to loose my fatpack! I already trained 2 times in three days now, so that is already a good result. Let’s keep it goiiin. I’ll try to work out everyday. But, if we have to be realistic, it will be around 3 times a week haha. Furthermore, I am trying to sell some stuff at home that we are trying to get rid off. And I am about to buy another car that will drive on gas (instead of gasoline), since I’m now driving much kilometers because of work. My boyfriend just bought a tiny ass car (Chevrolet Spark), which is very light, cheap in insurance and taxes ánd in driving. So, I thought: let me buy a twin and let’s “Spark” together haha. Therefore I will have to sell my lovely pequeño Opel Corsa as soon as possible. I will really miss that car though, but okayyy. I am also very excited, because I am about to buy a scooter tomorrow (fingers crossed it will be a succesful buy!). I always looooved the color “nardo grey”, and guess what… I found one that is Nardo Greyyyy AAAAHHH – love it so much! 

Oké let’s stop the shitty chit chat hahaha and let’s move on to the more important subject: Travelling!

Current status:
– Still didn’t make any concrete plans
– I am about to drive to the Northern part of Spain or Italy in the beginning of August: let’s celebrate ma Birthday?!
– There is a high chance I will visit the dushi-owner of this website (Taaashjjjjmieen) by the end of August/beginning of September.
– Sidenote: I will bring my nani (granny) on holidays for a couple of days, and hopefully that will be to Faro – can’t wait to come over again, almost getting sad for not being there almost a year!
– Still need to discuss with my boyfriend whether we go somewhere or not :”)
– Definetely still want to visit Asia by the end of the year – Yeahaahaass!

The previous time I promised you more tips for booking cheap tickets, well here is a short guideline. I hope it will help some of you to enjoy more out of less expenses! ^^
– Use on an INCOGNITO website and when you’re there: never accept cookies
– At From: fill in your country, not the city you will fly from
– At Destination: fill in “flexible” or “anywhere”. NEVER but NEVERRR fill in the destination where you would like to go to
– At Dates: click on the date and select “whole month” (so, no specific dates) and then choose “cheapest month”
– Scroll through the list of countries and just click the tab down to see the prices to certain cities
– When you look for a city, you will see prices in that specific “cheap month”, but you can adapt the months so that you can see cheap prices in other months as well
– NEVER click on the specific dates that you would like to go
– NEVER click “Search Flights”, just do that when you are really about to book a flight.

Any questions or other suggestions, pleaseeee comment it below! ^^

So so lobi – x- Dampoe Daisy 

Daisy Parmessar

Youth Carer, “Positive Days”
Instagram: @daisypar
Facebook: Daisy Parmessar
LinkedIn: Daisy Parmessar
Lives in: The Netherlands

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