Is there something you always wanted to do? But never did because of whatever reason or excuse. You delayed it, shelved it, covered it.. but it’s still there in the back of your mind. Or the back of your head. Or in the back of that drawer or your closeth. What is it that is holding you back?

The opinions of others? The ones with million questions that don’t help you out, but only satisfy their own sense (or not at all). Don’t show thém you can. Show yourself! Do it for yourself and no-one else.

What are you waiting on? What is left to be done? Who are you waiting for?

You are your own obstacle. That beautiful mind of yours, that delivers you doubts and insecurities. As Andy Mineo says in You Can’t Stop Me, you are your biggest opponent. Don’t allow yourself to stop you.

What do you have to loose? This is our life to be lived. To fail and fall and get back up and learn and try again and succeed and win! So, why not? Why not do it? Why not go for it?

Pick it up. Dust it off. Start anew or wherever you left. Don’t give up on that big dream, silly thought, crazy idea. Don’t give up. Pick it up and finish it.

Finish it. You got this.

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