Vows narrated by Pacer

It’s obvious how I make you feel
No arguments on that
Everyone knows you’re happy
Not to be the one to kill your vibe, but
Do you know how you make me feel?
I’m pleased to be the source of your hope
I have been alone for a while
But being here got me realizing I was better where I was

It’s clear we’re too different
And here you’re telling me about infinity
Got me caught up in a moment
Deep down I know this will only last days
But I love it anyways
Plus my mom loves the idea of me having someone
Says I gotta teach myself to care
But I care too much, you think I’m dumb
She says it’s a nice thing that I treat you like a queen
She knows little
Little does she know this queen’s sucking my feelings dry

And I’m harsh, nowadays it’s only getting worse
I tried to take back control but I took a vow
So I’m limited to the fact that you’re my missing rib
Plus if I was to walk out my reputation at the church and community,
it would never be the same
So here I am, giving more of myself
Hoping one day you will fall back and see me as your partner,
not a side hustle

It’s obvious how I make you feel
Looking smart as usual, well ironed shirts
You smile so bright, you never skip a flirt
And probably a skirt

I’ve been that backbone for years
Maybe I’m the problem,
I probably don’t amuse you like I used to
It’s a shame I quit my job to make this house a home
And nowadays I just lie for no reason
I mean you, you just lie for no reason
Like I’m not worth to hear the truth
Like I haven’t blessed you with these fruits
The most painful thing is I feel sorry for you
Knowing I’ve blessed you more than you have me

Nowadays you take everything for granted
I remember getting down on my knees
Praying to the Lord to bless you
Man, you better realize I’m a genie
And all the wishes you had come true,
didn’t just magically appear
I am all those miracles

Lord forgive my flaws
Not wishing you bad,
knowing I took vows
Before you go and disrespect me,
remember you need me more than I do you

I took vows

Mwenecho Botha (Writer)

IT technician, photographer
Instagram: @smil3yn3cho
Lives in: Malawi

Pacer (Narrator)

Lives in: Malawi

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