Do you know that strain of thought when you are preparing for something or preparing to go somewhere and your mind imagines the people being there? For example when you have a presentation to prepare for the defense of your thesis and you imagine the classmates that will be present or the teachers you know will be there to grade you. Or when you’re about go out and you imagine the people or the friends to be there at the party or restaurant. Or when you want to show off this new outfit you got and you imagine that specific group of people to be there and see their first reaction. Recognizable?

What we are doing when we do that, is trying to imagine how that group of selected people will react to our performance or our actions. We try to imagine what they would think and what they would say. Sometimes it’s the same group of people for different scenarios. But that group is always selected by us. We chose them. We chose them to be our audience.

Recently and weirdly, when I was taking a shower and giving my bottles of shampoo and shower gel a private concert, I thought: why are They my audience? No, not the bottles. Why do these people pop in my head? And I thought “forget you!” What can your thoughts and opinions add to my actions and decisions. I regularly pray “God, please guide my every decision, my every step, my every thought and my every feeling”. So Who is it that I always pray to? Or Who is it that I want to please and serve and praise? It’s God, not Them! So why the heck do they pop in my head as my audience. Cut, cut, cut! OUT! You all get out. I don’t need you anymore. I don’t want you anymore. I’m looking up as I now perform for the only audience that matters. God and His heavenly host. Jesus, Who vibes and dances with me. All these angels that bob there head with me to the beat of my life. Who else, but making sure that what I do, what I say, what I wear, whatever action I take pleases the Lord and Him alone?

Who is Your audience?

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