As I said goodbye to 2022, in the middle of December 31st, an overwhelming set of emotions came up taking my whole body into chaos.

Sadness, defeat, and anxiety took over me as I looked back to the year I had. So many plans that didn’t happen. So many dreams left to be dreamed again. So many periods I thought would be filled with joy and weren’t. Still in the midst of all of this, I could see the end of the tunnel (meaning the end of the year and beginning of a new one) filled with light (meaning hope). Finding out, that even though everything I just had gone through, I wasn’t ‘finished’, during everything, I had been able and was still able to find hope.

I knew that 2022 was going to be a transition year from finishing my degree, to hopefully finding my professional internship, to dreaming about my love or romantic relationship, to having little cousins, to starting my career, to moving into my new home, to becoming independent. But I didn’t make peace with that beforehand – which was a great mistake.

Therefore, in a year of transition, my words for 2022 were Priorities and Patience. I wanted to really be able to set my priorities and my limits and of course to be free of my anxiety and live in the peace and calm of the Holy Spirit.

By august, I had lost focus of what I had prophesized over the year. I lost the handle over my anxiety and honestly lost handle over my life in a general way. I was doing the bare minimum to stay alive as long as possible, until I could finally take control again. Even though my life had a moment of so much promise, things started to rumble – but I’ve written to you about that so no need to go down that rabbit hole.

The important part was that even though the bad situations overrode my life, and I lost track of it all, I didn’t let it make me lose sight of the hopefulness. I have no authority to make or tell you to do this. But I’ll give you the advice I’m taking into 2023.

Never lose sight of the hope that lives inside you. The one that comes from God.

Rebeca Silva

Writer, Student, Marketer
Instagram: @__becas__
Lives in: Portugal

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