Let’s check back on the last two months! I got my internship! I will not get in on how and what happened precisely, but I’ll tell you about the blessing of God and how it has been to feel the Holy Spirit’s rain.

I started this year very lost. Just very much into my work routine. Mostly of course because of 2022, which you can read in The Transition Phase post. I was kind of afraid of what the year was going to turn into as my relationship with God was very thin and superficial. But gradually, even before I started my devotional routine again, the opportunity I had been waiting and fighting for just fell out of the sky. Like how? Just by the means and ways of the Lord!

An afternoon I got a call and now, just last week, I officially started my professional internship at a creative and digital agency! How amazing!

At the start of this opportunity I just prayed for guidance and for God to light the path in front of me. I just wanted this reality if it only came from Him! It was clear to me, just like water: God moving in front of me to make everything happen, just like it had happened with my house back in September. This amazing peace and calmth from the Holy Spirit allowed me to rest in knowing God was moving in my favour and preparing the way for me!

In January, I wrote about how Priorities and Patience were my words for 2022. This year the word is PROCESS! We are always going through a process. I got out of the transition phase which I thought was going to be my last process for a while, just to find myself in another process. So I got intentional about it, this year I want to learn how to go through the processes of life — which, ironically, is a process itself.

As the possibility of my internship becoming a reality was getting more clear and more real, I decided to get even more intentional about it. My internship is 9 months, so I decided I wanted to finish these 9 months becoming the best version of myself ever in every area of my life: financially, emotionally, physically, in my relationships and in my calling! It became more than a goal for the year. Which truthfully is a goal most of us make every year, right? It became a decision, which is the first act for action to happen.

When I was little my dad used to tell me: “The first action you can take is to decide!”. Which for a long time and being very stubborn I didn’t see the meaning of. But as the years passed on, it made more and more sense.

With intention came decision and with decision came action.

So, the process started in January when in a kind of Holy Spirit Come Down church service, I decided that I was done living my old life and wanted to become 100% the woman God made me and called me to be. End of February we had EncounterFest’23 and more confirmations came with the sermons and the manifestation of the Holy Spirit. And on March 2nd, God used the Uber driver that drove me to work to speak over my life. There are no coincidences. My spirit was down, I was feeling alone and couldn’t feel the comfort and peace of God. I thought my day would be so bad. But God used him! He touched my heart and all I could think was “please God talk to me through him”. And He did! In the middle of my morning, still feeling down, I went to the bathroom and prayed in the little stall. I prayed that God would comfort me amidst my pain and fear. And of course, because He never fails and He always listens, He did so.

This day as I got home, I thought “I cannot live my life like this anymore. Let me challenge myself!” So I started a challenge on Instagram called “30 DAYS/NIGHTS”, where (almost) every day I post my devotional routine as a way of not only committing to myself and to God but also to inspire and challenge anyone who might be in the same process of trusting God with everything! You are not alone in your weird and messy life with Jesus — take comfort in that!

It has been a crazy month, I’ll say that, from challenging myself to changing my routine. And in only a month I can already see God using me and changing me. I can see myself get better and feel even better in my skin and in who God called me to be. I’m amazed and in awe of what will happen in the next 8 months!

Rebeca Silva

Writer, Student, Marketer
Instagram: @__becas__
Blog: http://www.lyricsfromagirl.blogspot.pt
Lives in: Portugal

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