As I read The Blessed Life by Robert Morris in chapter 6, the Gratitude or Greed paragraph, I realize something. Robert Morris has been speaking about our heart, our part, our reaction to when God calls us to do something. But never the focus on how the receiving part reacts. Which is beautiful. Only in this paragraph, halfway of the book, he shows the difference in reaction. The reaction of gratitude or greed.

When God calls you to do something, to give, to go, to speak. We shouldn’t take in consideration what the other party is thinking or what they would or could think. What they would say, how they would react, would they even fit this blessing? What will they do with it? Do they even deserve that? Stop it. It’s non of our business. Our business is with God. He spoke, sent, commanded and so we obey. We simply obey and do our part. All the rest, we just don’t pick up and leave it where it belongs.. in God’s hands.

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