Today I finished watching this episode and at the end of the sermon, during the appeal, I give my life to Jesus again. I give my life to Jesus. My life is His. I am His. Every failure, every sin is paid for by Him. He took it upon Himself. My pride, my selfishness, He takes it away. Washes me clean, makes me new. I only had to accept. I only had to surrender. He gives me new habits. He trains me, exercises me, my faith, just like a muscle. I let go. Freely I live in His grace for my life. His grace for me. Grace and Mercy. And I will dwell in the house of the Living God, forever and ever. Amen.

Sometimes, and actually a lot of times, it is good to reflect. To reflect on the things God did for you. To reflect on your relationship with Him. To reflect on your progress and growth with Christ. Yes, with Him, for Him and powered by Him. I recently spoke about this with my cousin and today also with my client. How we often beat ourselves up and feel disappointed or have a feeling of unaccomplishment lingering around after a long day, week, month or even year. We always want to see the change now, right away. We want to see things work and improved from the moment we take the first step. Who told us it would work this way? We were deceived!

I had this feeling often after checking my to-do list and seeing I only checked one or two boxes off. Since Summercamp, after listening to Francisco Cabral’s sermon called 25 hours, I learned to make groups in that one huge to-do list. So now I have four departments in my huge to-do list: Today, Tomorrow, Soon and Someday. And it’s been the best thing ever. I manage to prioritize much better now and separate the tasks according to urgency. One thing I have to work on still, is not putting too much on my Today list. Especially due to this perception of actual time I often lack. In other words, I either estimate the time needing for a task poorly or I believe I’m Speedy Gonzales and will be able to do double the tasks in the time I actually take to do half for. Andale! But we’ll get there. One day.

It’s good to reflect while we swiftly enter this new year. To reflect on the accomplishments. The growth. The steps you made. Every single one, even the teeny tiny ones. To reflect on the grace and mercy freely given to us. May we reflect and remember that our life is not our own. Our life is His. Being grateful and thankful and giving Him all the glory.

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